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Ka The Maker, Carver of Stone, Hands of Diamond, Mother of Metals

Symbol: A diamond cradled in a pair of hands

Portfolio: Raw strength, craft, competition

Appearance: A swarthy dwarven female with deep brown hair in intricate braids, wearing a roughly finished set of crude plate armor.

Ka is gruff, direct, and has no patience for pretense or finery. She finds value in strength and ability, and wants to hone that quality in others. While she may lack tolerance for social niceties, she is divinely patient and will wait for millennia for a plan she set in motion to come to fruition. As such, she has a special place in her heart for the builders and crafters of the world, those who use their strength and skill to make greater things of rude raw materials. She is a competitive deity, and loves all manner of sport and contest, especially those that involve brute strength or endurance.

Ka wields Asman, a greathammer hewn from stone with a head of oblong unfinished diamond that she crushed out of coal with her own hands. Her companion is Xelun, a brown bear with emeralds for eyes.

Dynu The Ever-Brave, Master of Fear, Timun, The Great Bull, The Fearless Falcon.

Symbol: A charging silver-horned bull

Portfolio: Valor & bravery, righteous combat

Appearance: A strapping bare-chested human male, often astride a bull with silver horns, holding a falcon on one arm and a spear in the other hand. His alter-ego, Timun, takes many forms, usually a scrawny and timid stereotype of any mortal race.

Dynu is a proud god, friendly but firm to his fellow deities and any mortals he encounters. He is filled with a need to inspire others to greatness; his own deeds and accomplishments are worthless if they do not move the mortals who witness them or hear of them to daring deeds of their own. He has a deep understanding of fear and anxiety, and despite being named the Fearless Falcon by his clergy, he is well-versed in being afraid. Dynu knows that the only way to be brave is to act in spite of fear, not in the absence of it. He has periodically appeared in the form of his alter-ego, Timun, who is the personification of anxiety and fearfulness. As Timun, he works to show mortals time and again that fear is never eliminated, but overcome.

Dynu wields the great spear Sigmobos, the Sum of All Fears. His bull is named Phalorn, and his falcon Gerux.

I need to get back to writing on the regular. Since micro.blog is still here, seems as good a place as any…

Starting a new micro-blog that should cross post to Twitter. There’s a lot more room to breathe when there isn’t a 140 character limit, and this way my posts aren’t subject to Twitter’s slavish devotion to keeping tweets ephemeral and hard-to-search. 🤓

Time to get my micro.blog on!