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So, Why Gatsby?

19 April 2019
This site, as it says in the footer, is built with Gatsby . I’ve previously had years of experience with a number of content management…

How I Build Fantasy AGE Kith

12 April 2019
There was a thread on Reddit a few days ago asking how a new Game Master might create a new playable kith : Hello all! I’m quite new to…

Powered Items in AGE

1 April 2019
While commenting on my item stunt post , I got a really good question from P.K. Sullivan on Twitter: P.K. and I had a nice back-and-forth…

Magic Item Stunts in Fantasy AGE

31 March 2019
Magic items in Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE are kind of… lackluster. There are a little over two dozen items in the Basic Rulebook , and…