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Yewdar Bestiary: Hrulgin

19 August 2019
An equine terror from a David Eddings classic!

Loot Chest: Procedural Magic Items for AGE

30 June 2019
Random item generation is a hallmark of digital gaming. With some help from Scott Boehmer, random magic items are here for AGE

A Time Arcana for AGE, Part 2

8 June 2019
Wherein I continue exploring the concept of time magic in AGE...

A Time Arcana for AGE, Part 1

6 June 2019
My campaign setting has a god of time. The AGE system does not have time magic. This is a problem that can be fixed...

I'm A Campaign Setting. AMA!

10 May 2019
One of the advantages of forcing myself to create portions of my campaign setting in public is that interactivity fuels creativity.

Singularly Talented: High-End Talents in Fantasy AGE

7 May 2019
Borrowing from the Modern AGE Companion, talents in Fantasy AGE can be extended to new heights that represent the groundbreakers, the singularly skilled, and greatly sought-after masters of a craft.

So, Why Gatsby?

19 April 2019
Before I started blogging again, I took a lot of time to figure out how I wanted to do it.

How I Build Fantasy AGE Kith

12 April 2019
In answer to a thread on the Fantasy AGE subreddit, I detail the process I've reverse engineered from the Basic Rulebook to create my homebrew fantasy kith.

Powered Items in AGE

1 April 2019
While stunts can make magic items exciting and proactive, it takes a different kind of design to make an item reactive while not being overpowered.

Magic Item Stunts in Fantasy AGE

31 March 2019
In order to make magic items in Fantasy AGE better, I borrow a pervasive and dynamic mechanic from elsewhere in the game: stunts.