Duane Sibilly

Written by Duane Sibilly, software developer, podcaster, tabletop GM and writer. Learn more.


A photo of the author at Antigua in the West Indies

Duane Sibilly is:

  • A software developer specializing in Node.js and server-side JavaScript. He is currently a senior developer with IBI Group working on automated traveler information systems. He has released a handful of open-source projects on GitHub:

  • A host of HammerCast, a weekly news and discussion podcast on the world of games and gaming-related topics.
  • A longtime tabletop RPG game master. He has played and run Dungeons & Dragons since the early 2000s, and is presently branching out into more niche games like Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius and the Adventure Game Engine by Green Ronin Publishing.
  • Currently working on a homebrew Adventure Game Engine campaign setting known as Yewdar. He’s been developing the setting on-and-off since 2009, and started leaning into it in earnest in 2018. He runs a Twitter account that posts lore from the setting and answers questions from the general public.
  • On Twitter as @valthonis.